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Designed for bed bug professionals Mosebach Manufacturing offers 3 different models of Heaters varying in power to exterminate bed bugs, the BK1, the BK1-DI, and the BK30.

Why use heat to kill bed bugs?

Using heat to kill bed bugs also known as heat treatment is the only way to ensure all bed bugs including every life stage have been killed. With traditional pesticides the technician has to make sure to get into every seam and corner of a room. Whereas using heat treatment the heater can be placed inside a room while the operator monitors the inside room temperature from outside.

Bringing the room and its contents up to 125°F will ensures all bed bugs no matter where they are hiding will be exposed to a fatal temperature. Listed below are the advantages of using heat treatment to kill bedbugs:

  • Heat treatment is non-toxic and safe for the environment as well as people.
  • Heat treatment kills all bed bug life stages.
  • There is no need to locate the bugs, nests, or larva, heat kills them no matter where they are located.
  • Heat treatments are efficient, only one treatment that takes a few hours is needed.
  • Bed bugs do not develop resistance to heat like they can to pesticides.
  • Heat can penetrate surfaces such as a bed or box spring unlike traditional pesticides.
  • Heat treatments are hypoallergenic, good for hotel rooms.

Mosebach’s Bug Killer heater line can easily be added to a heat treatment system or used as a standalone unit. These units are ideal for hotels, because of their size and maneuverability. They can easily be moved in and out of rooms quietly and discretely, so that guests are not disturbed. Our heaters are some of the lightest, smallest, and portable heaters available.  

Are you a professional exterminator or a hotel owner?
Check our complete line of heaters to add to, or create your own heat treatment system.